The Process

I n t e r v i e w

An introductory consultation during which you will get acquainted with your designer and determine a plan for successful collaboration.

G a t h e r

Your designer collects a variety of information such as color preferences, style appeal, lifestyle needs, desired changes and goals to be achieved. Space is then measured and photographs of the existing space are taken for the designer's reference.

P l a n

Each room is then planned for its' optimal use potential. A color palette is developed, furniture, fabric and finish recommendations are compiled and presented to you for review, discussion and input.

F i n a l i z e

Once desired changes are incorporated through the review and revision process, a detailed plan is developed. This final plan includes a space plan, color palette, floor and wall finishes, furniture specifications, window treatments, lighting, and accessories.

I m p l e m e n t

Upon your approval, all materials are ordered and installation is scheduled.

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